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About the Company


The pharmaceutical enterprise «Medisorb» is one of the biggest manufacturer of high quality pharmaceuticals in Perm region. 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market, qualified staff and modern technology have allowed to take a leading position in the Russian’s health care system.

Company’s products portfolio consist of products which concerns to different kind of pharmacotherapeutic groups: analgetics, analgesics, spasmolytics and enterosorbents.  It is more than 40 items.  In particular, the company manufactures proprietary products. Among them a unique product "Carbopekt" is a natural and effective remedy to treat poisoning symptoms and disorders of the stomach and intestines.

In 2009, the company «Medisorb» among the first Russian companies implemented standards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This ensures that the manufactured products correspond to high standards of EU and at same time corresponds to the Russian State Standard - GOST 52249-2004 (the "Rules of production and quality control of medicines"). Implementation of GMP standards ensures high quality of medicinal products.

The company's activity is based on high-tech and knowledge-intensive production. It requires from staff the appropriate level of qualification. The majority of workers have higher education. Eight of the employees have a scientific degree: Doctor of Pharmacy and 8 PhDs. Top management of the company regularly takes part in International and Russian congresses, symposiums, conferences and seminars. During the company's work in various mass media have published over 60 scientific works and 4 PhD dissertations have defended.

Today, in the pharmaceutical and health-care facilities of Russia monthly are shipped more than 20 million packages of products produced by «Medisorb». The company's products are supplied to the CIS countries: Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia. The company has opened representative office in Moscow in 2003 year. The client base of the company counts more than 250 major national, interregional and regional distributors.