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Letter of information for our partners. Medisorb production is not going to stop

In order to maintain trusted and efficient relationships, we believe that we should keep our partners informed on Medisorb’s functioning in current conditions.

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Quarantine has been introduced on March 23, 2020, and the end date has not been declared yet. Our forecast is that it will last till the end of April.

This means that most part of our office team should stay at home and only the production site workers and the ones who are responsible for supply and logistics are allowed to come to the working place.

We’ve optimized the number of employees so that we can keep everybody safe and keep our production working non-stop and all the shipments carried out according to the schedule.

We’ve always been very alert on cleanliness of our premises, but now we have improved even that in order to counteract the spread of coronavirus.

— Medisorb pharmaceutical company, has Paracetamol Medisorb and Ibuprofen Medisorb in its protfolio, which are indicated for symptomatic treatment of the new COVID-19 coronavirus. We all understand that stopping operating during the developing pandemic can lead to a real catastrophe, resulting in a shortage of essential drugs. Accordingly, we should do our best in order not to let the situation develop in such scenario. Our production will continue to work providing consumers with everything they need in this difficult time, — said Yuri Foteev, Medisorb general director.