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Medisorb launched new process line

Under the investment project, the company created a new line for manufacturing solid dosage forms at its facilities. It was successfully commissioned after the process adjustment.


A new line for manufacturing solid dosage was launched at Medisorb’s facilities, which ensures almost complete automation of the process. In total, it includes about ten items of high-tech equipment for granulation, tabletting and packaging of medicines.

The maximum daily capacity of the new line for manufacturing solid dosage forms reaches 200 thousand packages of 20 tablets.


«The new equipment will significantly increase production capacity of the company and raise the performance to the next level. Under the investment project, new manufacturing lines were created, and also existing lines were improved. Therefore, the total effect is expected to be at a high level. In general, the investment project turned out to be complex and unique both for our company and the Perm Territory, and for the equipment manufacturers, because they had to integrate the new lines into the existing infrastructure without shutdown of the manufacturing site.»


Please note that the investment project also includes creation of a line for manufacturing liquid non-sterile dosage forms. Currently, the process adjustment is being performed. Commissioning is expected by the end of 2019.