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Vital Signs: Estimated Proportion of Adult Health Problems Attributable to Adverse Childhood Experiences and Implications for Prevention

Adverse childhood experiences, such as violence victimization, substance misuse in the household, or witnessing intimate partner violence, have been linked to leading causes of adult morbidity and mortality. Therefore, reducing adverse childhood experiences is critical to avoiding multiple negative health and socioeconomic outcomes in adulthood.

Authors: Melissa T. Merrick, PhD; Derek C. Ford, PhD; Katie A. Ports, PhD; Angie S. Guinn, MPH; Jieru Chen, PhD; Joanne Klevens, MD, PhD; Marilyn Metzler, MPH; Christopher M. Jones, PharmD, DrPH3; Thomas R. Simon, PhD; Valerie M. Daniel, MPH; Phyllis Ottley, PhD1; James A. Mercy, PhD.
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