Our generics — your opportunities

Medisorb is not a large pharmaceutical company by the standards of pharmaceutical business but this is our advantage: we can provide you with a truly individual approach, offer the most flexible conditions and a wide range of options for cooperation in terms of procurement of pharmaceuticals produced by our company.

The scale of our company allows us to control all production processes to the last detail, providing the highest quality for the confidence of our customers. We have one of the most modernly equipped production lines in Russia which serves as a security guarantor. In addition, it gives us an opportunity to continuously bring to the market the most in demand drugs.

In Medisorb we know how to increase the profitability of various categories in pharmacies, and I will definitely share this knowledge with a partner after conclusion of the contract. I am sure that together with the client we can provide prices favorable for the final consumer.

Direct contract

  1. The price of the purchase which can be discussed at the meeting.
  2. The scope of supply which will be calculated individually depending on your needs.
  3. The deferred payment system which is possible due to trust relations with a partner.
  4. The residual shelf life is always more than 80%.
  5. The products are available in our warehouses in Moscow and Perm.
  6. Delivery to the address of your distribution center or warehouse.
  7. Marketing support: regular federal advertising campaigns, POSm, innovative promotion methods.

Marketing contract

  1. Purchases and deliveries are made only through reliable distributors.
  2. Automated reporting system due to modern software.
  3. Individual selection of the most interesting products for your purchase.
  4. Corporate loyalty program: a transparent bonus system for customers.

Contract Manufacturing

  1. Evaluation of prospects of production and promotion of a pharmaceutical on the market.
  2. Pharmaceutical development of the drug which you would like to add to your product portfolio.
  3. Full cycle registration of the drug in the state regulatory authorities.
  4. Placing an order for the production of your drug at our facilities.

Hospital supplies

Since 2017 we have been successfully working on the B2G market and making supplies under government contracts sending our medicinal products to medical institutions throughout the country: at the moment we ship more than 35 kinds of medicines to all regions of the Russian Federation providing the best hospitals and inpatient care establishments with quality drugs of domestic production.

Contact us right now and we will find the best option for our collaboration.