Lisinopril+Amlodipine, 5+10 mg/10+20 mg tab

5+10 /10+20 mg tabs.

Active ingredients

amlodipine besylate (in terms of amlodipine) - 7 mg (5 mg) and 14 mg (10 mg); lisinopril dihydrate (in terms of lisinopril) - 10.89 mg (10 mg) and 21.78 mg (20 mg)

Auxiliary ingredients

lactose monohydrate (milk sugar); Povidone K-30 (polyvinylpyrrolidone); Povidone K-17 (polyvinylpyrrolidone); potato starch; croscarmellose sodium; calcium stearate

Antihypertensive cardiology

in the process of filling

in the process of filling

adults and seniors

begins to act an hour after admission

daily dose of not more than 1 tablet