Pharmaceutical company Medisorb

We manufacture proven pharmaceuticals and improve healthcare by making efficient medication affordable.

Generics that make difference

Medisorb produces analogues of famous drugs — generics. Our products are absolute equivalents in quality, safety and effectiveness to original medication, but made with idea to save consumer’s budget. Patients, medical professionals, hospitals and pharmacies trust our products since 1993.

years on the market
mio tablets are produced per month
more than 50 products in the portfolio

Quality is top priority

Medisorb is operating according to cGMP to guarantee best quality of manufactured products. The company is constantly analyzing and improving its quality system. Our manufacturing site is regularly inspected by local health authorities, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and our customers. In 2019 manufacturing site in Perm is preparing for international inspections. Medisorb is currently licensed for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in tablets, capsules, non-sterile liquids and sprays.

Constantly investing in growth

Medisorb was established in 1993 with idea to build the workshop for manufacturing of Activated carbon tablets. The company rapidly became one of the market leaders not only for Activated carbon, but Paracetamol and Acetylsalicylic acid tablets. Since then the company has grown to 3 cGMP workshops operating 24/7 and 400 employees. In 2009 Medisorb has launched one of the first GMP compliant workshops in Russia. 1st half of 2019 is another important milestone in company’s history — Medisorb is finishing significant technological upgrade and is launching 2 brand-new lines for solid dosages and non-sterile liquids.

High-tech production

Medisorb’s manufacturing site is equipped with most modern and efficient production technologies. We are constantly investing in cutting-edge solutions for solids and liquids in order to combine highest quality with manufacturing efficiency. Medisorb operates equipment from such engineering leaders in pharma as GEA, Uhlmann, IMA, Tecnomaco and Visiopharma. In 2019 we are starting to use Track&Trace systems according to the standards worldwide.

Proven pharmaceuticals

For us in Medisorb it is very important to offer only those products, that proved their effectiveness and safety. Each product in our portfolio was carefully selected, precisely developed, and intensively tested. We conduct bioequivalence studies with up to 120 volunteers, to ensure our generics work as original drugs. All clinical trials are conducted under our strict control and in full compliance with GCP.

Diversified portfolio

Medsiorb’s portfolio is versatile — we offer products for hospital market as well as pharma retail. Portfolio includes more than 40 products, 50% of them are included in State Register of Essential Drugs in Russia. Our portfolio is constantly growing — over 25 products are usually under development in our R&D center. At any time, there are up to 20 candidates under consideration.


Our team

Medisorb employs over 400 professionals in different spheres. There are over 20 employees with scientific degrees, we constantly educate personnelto grow the company’s potential. Professionalism, continuous learning, openness for new ideas and opportunities are the key advantages of Medisorb’s team.